KING F7 ONE Length Irons

The KING F7 ONE LENGTH irons debut as COBRA’s first ever single-length iron set. Inspired by rising PGA star Bryson DeChambeau.

F7 One Length


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One Setup One Swing


Proper setup includes foot positioning, spine angle and ball position, and many other variables. These variables change as you switch between longer and shorter length clubs, causing more room for error. With one setup and one swing you can simplify the entire process. Every player has their favorite club and for many, it's a 7-iron. With COBRA's One Length irons, you will find new confidence in your game, allowing you to play any iron in the bag as if it were your trusty 7-iron.


One swing for all of your shots

Long irons for more consistent distance

Tighter shot dispersion on approach

Short game accuracy improvement


The KING™ F7 ONE Length™ irons make their debut as COBRA’s first ever single-length iron set. Inspired by our relationship with PGA TOUR Professional, Bryson DeChambeau, The KING F7 ONE utilizes the same TECFLO constructions as the KING F7 along with PWRSHELL™ Faces and Precision Milled Grooves. However, the KING F7 ONE features constant 7-iron lengths throughout the set and each head has been re-engineered for proper geometry to deliver optimized trajectory and distance gapping from long irons to wedges. The end result? A simpler, easier way to play.

F7 One Length



  • Steel: 5-GW
  • Graphite: 5-GW

Model Loft Lie Offset
Graphite Swing
Steel Swing
4* 20° 62.5° 5.5 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
5 23° 62.5° 5.1 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
6 26° 62.5° 4.6 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
7 30° 62.5° 4.1 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
8 35° 62.5° 3.8 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
9 40° 62.5° 3.6 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
PW 45° 62.5° 3.2 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
GW 50° 62.5° 1.0 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
SW* 55° 62.5° 0.7 37.25" 37.25" D0 D1 RH/LH
*Custom Only


Fujikura Pro 63i

ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
Fujikura Pro 63i - 7 iron S 66g Mid Mid 0.370
Fujikura Pro 63i - 7 iron R 63g Mid Mid 0.370
Fujikura Pro 63i - 7 iron Lite 62g Low Mid 0.370

True Temper KING F7

ModelFlexWeightKick PointTorqueTip Diameter
True Temper KING F7 - 7 iron Stiff 109g Mid Mid 0.370
True Temper KING F7 - 7 iron Regular 107g Mid Mid 0.370


COBRA Lamkin REL - Blue

COBRA Lamkin REL - Blue

Customer Reviews

Do yourself a favor Review by Cleve
get these... I've dropped 8-10 strokes per round compared with my old irons. No lessons or any other changes. I can't believe the improvement in my consistency with these irons (I have one length wedges too). Regularly shooting in the mid 80's.

About my game:
play in Canada (4-5 month season)
age: mid 40's
picked up the game in my mid 20's (then had kids..)
play 15-20 rounds a year
practice 5-10 times in the spring
average fitness level
last time I kept a HCP it was 19.2, it would be WAY better now (Posted on 8/10/2018)
Quality control lacking but the clubs perform Review by McH
I ordered S to 5. Because of a previous review I had the lie angles checked. Only 3 of 8 clubs were correct. Two clubs were 2.5 degrees off; C'mon Cobra.
Four rounds in I'm loving the clubs especially the long irons (I just ordered the 4) and I'm getting all the height and distance I need. G and P taking some getting used to but I'm glad I bought the clubs. (Posted on 8/29/2017)
Absolute BLAST again. Review by Zach
I ordered the ONE Length +1 inch so they would all be to a 5 Iron. After a small adjustment period (7 swings) I have to say I am 100% behind these clubs and would recommend them to anyone. It was awesome to line up in one stance with one swing and not need to worry about everything else. ONLY thing that failed me today was putting. They won't fix that. (Posted on 8/27/2017)
Best thing that happened to my game Review by Ken
I started golf late in life and have been playing about 10 years. I have always struggled with consistency. A round in the 80s would be followed by a round in the 100's. Even with 3 years of lessons I just couldn't build consistency and was close to abandoning the game. Admittedly, I was a fan of the idea of a single length club before I played them as it just seemed to make sense to have a single set up for all the irons. Now that I have been using them for several months I am an evangelist for the idea. I am playing the most consistent golf ever and the game is much more fun. As a by product I am playing more golf than before. I have noticed the biggest difference at both ends of the set, very long and short irons. With my variable length set I absolutely could not take a full swing on any wedge, it was a guaranteed blade into the creek behind the green. With the single length clubs I am confident and executing shots throughout the bag. The short irons fly a bit higher and the long a bit lower, but really, as amateurs will you notice that much? What you will notice more is the solid strikes and the lower scores because of your consistent swing and setup. If you desire more consistency and are willing to be open minded, I truly believe any weekend hack like me will become a better golfer. (Posted on 8/26/2017)
F7 ONE LENGTH Irons Review by Forginator
I have always had trouble with the "set up" with my irons.......AND I have always had trouble with Thin & Fat shots.So I thought the Cobra King F7 One Length irons just made sense. Wow! I can't believe how consistent my ball striking is now.Clean crisp hits everytime.I am hitting everything further due to better contact.Thanks Cobra (Posted on 5/18/2017)

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